jaideep, Jan 12, 2018 at 12:01 pm
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Vantage immigration is a fraud consultancy! Full of frauds and non professionals. They've PAID for the CERTIFICATE FROM MINISTRY OF CORPORATION. Its all fake !! I got to know about it after i did enquiry everywhere. Sadly, i should’ve done that before i paid them money and wasted almost 2 years believing on their words. I came in contact with vantage in june 2016 when a girl named priyanka called me with attractive benefits of qmas. I started my process from july 2016. Though i wasn’t told about a lot of things from the beginning about whole process. - i paid 51000 inr to vantage and later i got to know that vantage was charging only 46000 inr to indians! 5000 inr extra!! Just because i was working in dubai they considered me foreigner!! Abraham told me that because of the tax on foreign account transaction they charged me 51000. But the fact is i did all the transactions through an indian bank account. - i was told if i would present the english language certificate from my college, i don’t need to give ilets exam. But even after presenting the english certificate they asked me to give ilets or my process won’t go further. - after submission of all documents from myside, none of their agents contacted me to give any update! Though i kept calling them time to time. - i was getting in contact with different and new agents everytime i asked for updates for an e. G - rini, bhuvaneshwari, renshu, lata, zainab, lakshmi, prabhleen etc. - after every one or two months someone calls me or mail me and then asked me to wait for a month. Thats what happened for whole year 2017. - because of these obvious reasons i lost my faith from this agency and this team as after receiving money they don’t take clients seriously! - i got to know from their clients that they were asked to pay 20000 more for educational assessment (Which is mandatory) After all this Abraham asked me shift my whole process for germany (The whole new drama after two years of qmas process)!! I know very well now that my process is not going anywhere, its kind of lost already. And i don’t trust any one there anymore. I am writing this complaint/feedback here to save you guys from such frauds. You guys can contact me on : jcmastii@gmail.com

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