Mi Redmi( Mi Redmi )-Mi Redmi — very bad faulty product
Sunny Sep 12, 2017 at 10:09 am
I bought A REDMI MI phone from Flipkart, right from day one it used automatically reset, I assumed over a period of time it will settle down, the problem slowly shifted to every week and than I lived on with it as I am constantly traveling and never had the time to a service center. About 2 weeks ago, my Redmi phone suddenly went dead and it wouldn't restart. So I went to their service centre in Ghatkopar near Railway station, it was an absolute night mare, people standing in queue, there is commotion as the service centre was being handled by untrained people, there was shouting and I was listening to various interaction of the technicians and the customers, every body had a complaint that the mother board is very weak, the display needs to be changed, I just bought 2 months back etc ., my case is concerned, the technicians said that we will have to change the mother board display, so it will cost your Rs 4500, having bought just the brand new one just 2 months ago at Rs 11, 500 . Never Buy a Chinese product, whether it MI . or any of the Chinese brands it does not work, they make money at our cost and fool people. MI phone products are cheap quality products, they have tried to copy Apple and nowhere it is anywhere of the standards. I have an old Apple 6 bought more than 3.5 years and it works beautifully, it has had multiple falls, withstood all kinds of rainy conditions, but works non stop with least of a problem. I do not know what to do with this MI phone as my money has gone waste
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