the courses or refund the money
Lalitkumar Dec 08, 2017 at 04:12 pm
Hi, please let me know the below details. This all below Situation start From January 2015. And second thing i subscribed a certification courses and facilities of are as follows. 1. For Resume ------------ Received 2. For Job -------- Pending services 3. Project Management Redmine------ 3500/- Book Material Received Note : What is this and what is used to me ??????? 4. Sigma Green Belt ----------4000/- Book Material Received 5. Sigma Black Belt ----------4000/- Book Material Received 6. Other amount ----------------6000/- For what ??????????? Note : This 6000 rupees for what purpose, ???????????? 7. BBA Course ----------------25000/- No reply ??????????? Note : I had already applied For BBA in 2009 from Annamalai University for first year and it has incomplete because i was failed in English subject, this is also informed to your Executive Mr. Ishan Goyal and Mr. Rahul than why they are taken so much money unable to understand. 8. Application / Exam and Etc--------------5000/- Why ?????????? 9. For Port Folio -----------------7200/- Biography its ok but Why ??????????? Overall amount is paid to of rs 59700/-but i am not happy and not satisfied with shine. pls reply for overall services. And big thing your Executive told me sir we all provide you this all services through EMI but its in pending. I had swapped a amount of 47697/- through credit card, but no reply for the same and my billing date of credit card is 27th Feb 2015. Who will pay me for the same. I am Jobless how i will manage, if its not solved than i will be stuck in abig problem, so pls reply as soon as possible.
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