Vijaya Bank( Vijaya Bank)- Vijaya Bank — errors in credit card billing
Sunny Sep 08, 2017 at 04:09 pm
This is with ref to monthly credit card bill with Vijaya Bank, it is stated that there was a refund of almost 84000 in my credit card and however RS 139585 has been withdrawn from my account. This credit card is linked with my CA no 770100301000013. The matter was apprised to the branch manager, Vijaya Bank, Shimla and she further pursued in the planning department as well as the credit card wing. Despite various reminders to her, nothing concrete has happened till date. This is a continuous problem with the credit card department of Vijaya bank and a month ago the same problem was there with my account and which was later, refunded after various reminders. I am keeping various accounts with the vijaya bank shimla, since 1998. Regards Atul Chitkara 9816031144
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